Catching Up

I have some serious catching up to do on this blog!!! Obviously life is a whirlwind for everyone, but this blog means a lot to me so I need to prioritize! I’m currently sitting in Utah watching a movie and decompressing from being around 35,000 people for the past week. Um, it’s like Disney World all over again! Yikes!

Here are just some of the things we’ve all been up to in the past few months!

Dinner outdoors in April! It actually was a weird warm night so why not? That’s Maelyn on the left, Kendall’s sweet friend from kindergarten ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_0002 (1)

Saydey and Hayley, the neighbor girls. I pretty much have 5 kids if you add Joe into the mix. And I’m totally ok with it! We always have fun and Saydey writes me sweet notes like the one below ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, if I could get them to clean up their messes a bit better, all would be well!

IMG_0003 (1)


My handsome boy in the tree. I love him so much!


Kendy on a rainy April day. Sweet girl, she’s so creative when she needs to be (which means, NO TV, FIGURE IT OUT!!!) ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_0012 (1)

Ok, I caved after awhile. TV while sitting in a box!

IMG_0033 (1)

Celebrating my birthday again, I guess! According to Kendall, every other day is my birthday or hers ๐Ÿ˜›

IMG_0038 (1)

And the best birthday gift ever from my bestie.ย  ROSE OIL!! That bottle has like 2 pounds of rose petals in it. She wrapped it in a huge box, within a box, within a box, within a box…the kids LOVED IT! Seriously though, this girl makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!! We share the load in life and with kids. Everyone needs a Teri in their life!

IMG_0026 (1)


IMG_0030 (1)

IMG_0031 (1)

Quality time with my furry child.

IMG_0059 (1)

A note from Payton’s teacher, Mrs. Lopez. This brings back tons of memories about MY report cards ๐Ÿ˜›


And a hilarious story Payton wrote for one of his assignments.

Did you know that Payton really loves to read while he eats? And he especially loves Garfield. Hmmmm, I wonder who this reminds me of?? ahem, PAPA??? ๐Ÿ˜›


Even when he has friends over!


That’s enough for now. MUCH MUCH more to catch up on! I’ll continue to plow through ๐Ÿ™‚






Disney, Part…ok, let’s finish this already!

I need to finish this all before I forget what we did in April!! Yikes!

Ok, we did Universal Studios and next was Universal, Islands of Adventure AND it was Payton’s 9th birthday! What a super cool way to spend his special day!



After a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, we headed out for LAST day of adventure. And we FINALLY figure out how much easier it was to rentย a stroller so Kendall could keep up (although she really did an awesome job the whole time). Look at this: brother pushing his sister around. ๐Ÿ˜› (we had to pay EXTRA so Kendy could have a steering wheel!).




First stop was a crazy fun splash ride.


And some rock climbing for the birthday boy!

Some hugs for Dad ๐Ÿ™‚


And a pterodactyl ride!

IMG_1407 (1)

We did several other things which I just didn’t take pics of. Our last ride we all got SOAKED!! We went from the ride to a people dryer which is a big room that has super hot fans. Hilarious!


On our way out, we had to get some root beer floats with dippin’ dots!


And back to the pool for one last swim.



Per request, we went BACK to Benihana for Payton’s birthday dinner and our last meal in FL.




Up at 4am, Payton and Ry were on one flight, Kendy and I on another. She loves flying!


And that’s a wrap! The kids still talk about Disneyworld daily which makes the bills we will be paying off for the next year totally worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

Disney World Part 6

After Animal Kingdom, we were off to 2 days of Universal Studios! The first park was the original Universal and it did not disappoint!

First, we always had to make sure the kids were tall enough! Sadly, Payton couldn’t go on everything which was devastating for him because he wanted to do on ALL the scariest, craziest rides he could. Quite the dare devil in a little package ๐Ÿ™‚ (oh, and did I mention Kendy lost a tooth at the water park??)


IMG_1364Our first stop was the brand-new Jimmy Fallon ride. SO FUN! Totally 4D which means 3-D plus heat, wind, etc. The kids totally loved it and so did we!


After that, we headed over to the We Will Rockit roller coaster (yep, that one behind Ry and P) so the boys could go on it. Kendall was NOT about to consider going on that so instead, we went and shopped.



Next up, the Minions ride!


Even with fast passes, we did a LOT of waiting. The kids did so so good though. No phones, no DS’s, just us and a lot of silly games to pass the time. It was good for all of us!




Hey, there’s Gru from Minions!!

IMG_1382 (1)


Ice cream stop!

ice cream

Seriously, how cool is he? Megatron from Transformers!


Kendall got to meet Sophia from Sophia the first!

And the kids did a little surfing on the way out ๐Ÿ™‚

surfs up kendall

surfs up payton

Such a fun day!!!

family universal

Disney World Part 5

After our day at the water park, we headed next to Animal Kingdom! This was a favorite for sure. We saw all kinds of animals and the vibe was just a bit different. Still packed, for sure, but great weather and a great time. Look at the super awesome tree in the back!!! It was gigantic up close. There is actually a theater inside which we went into at the very end our day. Ants!


Our first ride was a water ride. Kendall was super nervous but once the ride started, she had a blast. We all did (and got wet too!).





We then headed on safari! Super fun and cool!!! We were in a jeep so no petting the animals but it was still a hoot.


IMG_1320 (1)



Kendall was a bit scared to go on the Jurassic Park ride. Like all of them though, she was happy she went on it ๐Ÿ™‚


Of course you have to get the nasty huge lollipop that gets everything STICKY!! (my dad is cringing right now)


Our favorite ride of the WHOLE TRIP. Expedition Everest. We had 4 fast passes, Kendall was NOT going to go on it so Ryan & P went on it and then P and I went on it. Ryan said he could hear me laughing the whole time. LOL.



I so love this pic. Payton doesn’t let us give him kisses anymore but when we’re away from all of his friends, he’s super affectionate. I will treasure our trip just for that reason alone!

IMG_1357 (1)

Safety first! Kendall brought her friends along with her and made sure they were safely buckled ๐Ÿ™‚


Another shorter day (around 3), where we then headed back to the pool for some lazy afternoon swimming, then dinner at home with a movie!

Disney World Part 4

Day 4, my 40th birthday. Woke up to these bedheads singing me a song! I got a Disney Mom mug, a cinnamon roll, some homemade cards, and lots of hugs and kisses. So many people thought I was crazy for celebrating my 40th this way but it was seriously the best birthday ever!IMG_1281

IMG_1289On the agenda? Aquatica! It is Sea World’s water park, not affiliated with Disney, which means NOT VERY CROWDED! We had a total ball, the weather was great, and the kids swam their hearts out! Since it was a water park, we didn’t carry our phones around much so not too many pictures.

Upon arrival. This pretty much sums up the entire trip. Kids climbing all over me. I think they were happy I had nothing else to do but hang out with them!! ๐Ÿ™‚




That’s the wave pool…before the waves.


And do you see that purple slide in the upper right? Payton made me go on that!!

aquatica 2

Kendall got a purple stuffed dolphin! Which of course she had to buckle up!



After some chill time at home, we headed to Benihana for my birthday dinner!

benihana 3

Both the kids love miso soup!! Crazy I know!


Michael, our chef.


Learning how to use chopsticks!




Such a fun way to spend my 40th!

She did it!

At almost 6 1/2, she is finally riding a bike! We chose not to push it because she hasn’t proven that she has a lot of respect for cars. She’s turnedย a corner and is much more aware of her environment so Ryan thought it was time to ditch the training wheels. She figured out in 2 seconds. Here she is!!!

What you don’t see is Payton whizzing by herย on his bike asking if she can ride with no hands!ย Little stinker.

Disney World, Part 3

Ok, soย we did Magic Kingdom, crashed at home, and got up early the next day to do it all again! This time we headed to Hollywood Studios! Here we are on the tram to the park entrance.

IMG_1231 (2)

And here is my spirited child being her silly self:


When we walked in, we saw a sign the said ‘Meet Moana.’ Right. Enough said.


IMG_1239 (2)


And on the way out, she got to meet Daffy Duck too! Daffy told Kendy she loved her sparkly shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

One of our favorite rides was the Toy Story ride. It was like a ride and a video game and a 3D movie all rolled into one. We got to shoot things. Super fun!


IMG_1242 (2)


IMG_1245 (2)

Next was a Star Wars 3D experience. We wore a TON of 3D glasses that day. So fun though.



We ran into some Storm Troopers on the way out!

IMG_1258 (2)

IMG_1255 (2)

And some weird hooded things. Ryan and P knew what they were but I was clueless.

IMG_1259 (2)

And P got to see Darth Vader’s real mask!


Kendall got to meet Sophia the First!

We caught a super cool Little Mermaid show. The special effects were great! People dressed in all black with bright neon puppets for the Under the Sea scene. And Ursula was awesome!



After that show we hightailed it to another show. This time it was Frozen and it was amazing!!! Snow fell from the sky and of course, Kendall sang at the top of her lungs the whole time. Definitely one of the major highlights of the trip.


Pure joy on this girl’s face.


We didn’t push it like we did the day before. We were out of there by 3 and headed back to chill and swim. Such a fun day though! Next up, Animal Kingdom!!!