What in the world. 2018??

I.can’t.even. I’m SO BEHIND!!!!! Not sure how to catch up as that is what I continue to do but it’s just life right now! I know this is so important to leave a legacy for my kids so I’m just going to keep trying!

Here is an update from November!!!

P had a rockin’ fall soccer season. He’s now playing indoor to stay in shape and keep up his skills, and will play spring soccer and then tryout for the travel team. GO PAYTON!



Winnie is still Winnie. He’s the heart and soul of our family! But he’s aging and I don’t even want to talk about it!!!!


Kendalls LOVES magazines and catalogs. Here she is poring over an American Girl doll catalog 🙂

IMG_3980Here is P walking to country grandma’s in the morning before school. No sign of this slowing down. I think he just loves all the 1:1 attention she lavishes on him (read: no competing with his sister!)


Took the kids roller skating, to a movie, and to Red Robin for a fun day out in Bremerton (you have to leave Sequim to do fun things!!).


Winnie has been banished to our closet because he snores SO LOUD. He does have a dog bed but chooses not to sleep on it. He’s so stinkin’ spoiled though!


Yuck. Not a great pic of me but it is of Max our hamster! Look at how cute he is! We have fun with him 🙂 Winnie would like to eat him though!


We did other stuff in November like Thanksgiving and more soccer games but I don’t have pictures to prove it! On to December!!


October, 2017

Thanksgiving is tomorrow but here I am catching up on October! I am resigned to the fact that I’ll be about a month behind but that’s ok. That’s life right now!

Young Living is going amazing. I truly love what I do and how my world has expanded. So many incredible people and so many things to learn! Here are just some of my girls and the vision boards we created. So powerful to get your goals in front of you! Of course Kendall was inspired and created her own board. You can see it was full of animals and toys 😛


Kendy and I did pumpkin masks together. She felt so grown up 😛


Ry took Kendall to Port Townsend on a quick biz trip so I picked Payton up from his youth group and told him we could go anywhere he wanted to eat. He chose Chinese! Here he is all smiles. We just always have a great time together 1:1. And the fact that he likes Chinese food but hardly anything else is a bit of a mystery!


We had the hairbrained idea to go camping with the Shorts in Port Towsend in October. It was ccccold but we ended up having a great time. The kids did not mind the cold one bit! Here are Kendall and Ainsley building a fort on the beach. Pretty in pink 🙂


Where’s P???


Playing football off the bunkers 🙂


Snuggle time with Winnie. Winnie does not love camping very much because he can’t roam free. But he does love Payton’s bunk bed 🙂


When we camp, we eat cinnamon rolls and sugar cereal, just like we did when I was camping as a kid! #traditions


I love that P and Ainsley have been friends since they were babies. And Ian is all grown up now!


Sunday was gorgeous. Breakfast outside!


Port Townsend is so beautiful.


End of October, Myra and cousin Hannah came to visit from Alabama! It was a short visit but we did it right by going to the Oak Table! I just love Hanny so much. She’s full of joy and laughter!


Payton got the opportunity to go to a Seahawks game with dad. He told me it was the best day of his life. THAT makes it all worth it. Plus, he got his very own Baldwin jersey. It didn’t hurt that they won in the LAST MINUTE! So cool 🙂



Cello intro from cousin Anna. Payton is hooked 🙂


Reading books with her buddy Genevieve 🙂


The obligatory pumpkin carving!


Our resident dishwasher.


Early release for teacher conferences. Taking home friends makes life easier on me! And taking them to Subway means I don’t have to cook! 😛 Here is Kendall with her pal Maelyn 🙂


And Payton with his good buddy Max!


We get to babysite Lelu from time to time. She is so awesome and Winnie loves her too 🙂


And it snowed. In October!


Winnie and his fancy jacket!


October was awesome. So many fun times. We are blessed!


September was a whirlwind month. Kids back in school, mom back to work after the summer off. In some ways it was VERY nice to get back into a routine but man, once after school activities kicked in, it was nothing short of crazy.  Such is life. As they say, ‘we’re in the thick of it!’

Kendall finally got the hamster she’s been dying for all summer. It kept getting pushed off because of behavior. Ahem. So it was time to make good on our promise.  Meet Max.


We quickly learned that Winston does NOT have good intentions with Max. So we have to be very careful to keep the hamster away. You can see Winston drooling at the thought….


Kendall is very helpful cleaning the cage!!!

IMG_3126 (2)

He only bit Kendall once, the first time we got him. Now we have a lot of fun with him! Except for white shavings that are ALL OVER My house. I could definitely do without those!

New headphones! They’re not even plugged into anything #imagination


Kendall’s thoughts after her first ballet class. Fortunately she got over that quickly and loves ballet! And theater jazz too!


Teaching a lot of oils classes still! Love love love it!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Kendall was doing an infommercial for her My Little Pony activity set 😛


Spoiled rotten. That’s all I can say!


And we get to periodically babysit for my friend’s Boston Lelu. She’s amazing.


Me and my girl!

IMG_3223 (3)

We painted the tree house finally. It is BLUE inside!! VERY BLUE!!!!

IMG_3224IMG_3225 (1)IMG_3226IMG_3227IMG_3228

Love it when family hangs out for a weekend.

IMG_3236 (3)IMG_3240 (2)

Annual farm tour at the Creamery. Keny got to ride a pony named Paige!


We always always have an extra kid or two with us 🙂


Kendall is so so creative. I just love the things she makes up!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Long Beach &

After Kendall’s girl party, we hurried up and packed for our trip to the beach. It was our first time at the Kite Festival and the kids were pumped!

We pulled in to the camp site and what did we do first? Not the beach but the pool!!! They had a little pool there right next to where we were setup. That water was COLD but do kids care? I swear they don’t have nerves!


After swimming, we headed to the beach. It was less than 1/4 mile, just right over the hill from our site. And nobody on the beach. Couldn’t have been more peaceful.


Winston patrolling the beach. That dog LOOOOVES the beach!


The next day it was kite flying time!!!


And chill time.

Our camp site had a mess hall where they cooked breakfast Saturday morning. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, coffee. What a nice treat! That’s Sam on the right…Ryan’s childhood friend. The kids just love Sam 🙂


Kendall eating a mickey mouse pancake 🙂


Walking the boardwalk in downtown Long Beach. You can see all the kites in the distance. Look at our amazing weather!


After our trip, we had 2 days to get ready for school. So we did haircuts at Walmart (never again!). Kendall LOVED getting her hair washed!



And doing her most favorite thing in the whole wide world. Picking berries!


And that wraps up the summer of 2017. I have to say I struggled the last few weeks. It’s very very hard to keep these kids busy and happy! Even with so many trips and fun outings, I heard a lot of ‘I’m bored!’ or ‘I have nobody to play with!’

Needless to say, I did not shed a tear when it was time to send them off to school. They love school and their friends and all the fun things they get to do. I’m SUPER thankful we have such great schools out here!

Now, to catch up to October….

Finishing August

I NEED to finish August so I can finish September so I can get into October and be CAUGHT UP! Seriously, I am just on my computer too much these days but Kendall voraciously reads about her early years so I need to keep this going and ensure she has reading material 😛

So after P and I returned to reality, we had a few weeks before school started. We had some downtime so Kendall I did some baking (yes, we still bake on the floor!):


And dad had the hair brained idea to build a treehouse! Actually, the kids were THRILLED so before we talked ourselves out of it, we headed to Home Depot as a family.


Here we have the kids being silly in the cart. I think this is what Ry and I will look like when we’re old! LOL



Back at home, it was Payton’s job to trim the tree as dad cut wood and Kendall served beverages 😛


Already making progress!


That next week, Kendall insisted on having a GIRL PARTY! She spent hours making invitations, arranging her room, setting the agenda. I just couldn’t say no! So we have 7 6 year olds over at our house for 4 hours. And you know what? It was a blast. I just love Kendall’s friends!

Here she is prepping for the big day (yes, that dress is WAY too long!)


Payton had his buddy Talen over for the day. They spent most of their day in the tree house!


They started out in Kendall’s room. They played dress-up and then started getting swimsuits on.


Some trampoline time.


And lots of pool time!


Of course they had to eat snacks!


And any day is a good day to decorate cupcakes, right? These were some EPIC cupcakes!


Look at those cutie patooties! Zoei, Genevieve, Alexis, Maelyn, Kendy, and Emma. Zuri was off doing gymnastics somewhere 😛


The day ended with unicorn wands! Do you see Kendall on the right there? She’s spent. Had an emotional breakdown of which I fully expected. So much excitement for one day!!!


Costa Rica, Part 3

After another LONG bus ride, we ended up North central Costa Rica at the Arenal volcano.


Oh my word, the view! Check this out from our hotel room: NO JOKE


We spent some time in the natural hot springs but the rain hit us so the kids didn’t get as much pool time as they wanted!


The next morning it was off to the suspension bridges! Oh man, this was fun but scary. We weren’t strapped in at all and the bridges easily swayed. Glad we did it though. So cool to be on top of the trees!


Stopped for lunch in La Fortuna and did a bit of shopping


I didn’t feel well that evening so I spent the rest of the day in bed. I am not the only one!! Man, that food can do a number on you (good thing I had my oils!).

The next morning we packed up and headed to the Pacific side of Costa Rica in a place called Punta Leona. The kids of course needed pool and beach time ASAP.


We went to Jaco and took outriggers to a private beach for swimming, a waterfall, some soccer, and amazing fruit! I will forever cut pineapple and watermelon this way 😉




You can’t be in Costa Rica and not see DEADLY snakes and critters!! This is an eyelash pit viper!


Our last day we went ziplining. FOR SURE a highlight and Payton and I could NOT resist going upside down. So fun!


Here is our group before heading back to San Jose.


A tree of our group’s favorite things about the trip!


These kids! They made it so much fun with their energy. And they all loved on Payton. Look at his face!


Payton and Wes. I wish they lived closer! They were best buds on the grip for sure.


And Morgan sure loved her Payton 🙂


I cannot wait to take Ryan and Kendall on our next adventure travel trip. Def. need to wait a few years as it’s not really for kids under 10. But P did awesome and it truly was a trip of a lifetime. Soooo grateful to mom and dad for making this possible!!! I’ll never forget it!

Costa Rica, Part 2

Ok, so we got up at like 5am the next morning to head out for a LONG trip to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, called Tortugeuro (means, many turtles). Payton was such a trooper the whole way! I think it was a 6 hour bus ride and then another 1 hour boat ride. But man, was it worth it. I think Tortuguero was our favorite place. Our room! The pool! The howler monkeys!! Sooooo amazing.

One of our many naps on the bus:


Getting ready to get on our boat after the long bus ride!


The turtle-shaped pool was a major highlight of the entire trip. The kids were in there for HOURS one day. That’s Wes on the left, Payton’s bestie on the trip, and Sara on the right. The kids were so much fun and Payton really connected with several of them.



Learning about turtles with their listening devices:


Checking out the remnants of a turtle’s nest. They’re huge!!!



Oh, just having some morning coffee in the middle of the jungle. Sorry, I mean ‘café non leche.’


Mom and me on a boat tour!


Peekaboo! What do you see! (caiman!!)


This guy was much easier to spot 🙂


We went on a night walk to look for frogs insects, and spiders. We found a spider all right!


Check out this spider waiting to catch is prey…with his own web!


One of the yummy fruits we had on the trip. One of our guides bought these off the side of the road. I think it’s called mamon. Kind of weird but good. And how gorgeous is it?


We also did a night tour where we waited and waited and waited on the beach and FINALLY got to see a turtle laying her eggs. Crazy!

After 2 days there, we packed up again and headed to our next stop: Arenal mountains in the North!