Catching up, Part 5

Amazing sunny days at Jamestown beach! Ryan has been crabbing like a madman in the mornings! He just loves fresh crab. We join him sometimes and of course, so does Winnie. He’d LOVE to get his paws on one!!!



We also love to go out to Port Townsend beach! One of the only truly sandy beaches in the area. IMG_0422

This is what happens when you leave your kids unattended for a few minutes (that’s dry erase!).

dry erase

Grammy with her furry grandson!!

grandma and winnerton

Waiting (impatiently) at the Oak Table for breakfast!



Baking time! I don’t know why but I still have the kids bake on the floor. Actually I do know why: the cleaning is easier!!!


Nope, that’s not how we bake. This is SLIME!!!


Just your average trip to the library.


Pretty much what the dining room table looks like at all times #reallife


Kendall on a trip to the local fire station! She looks miserable doesn’t she? πŸ˜›




I’m not sure I posted this but its always so much fun to eat lunch with the kids at school! (p.s. I got in trouble for taking this pic of the kids w/o permission!)


Here’s how most mornings go! Kendall painting her toenails while I get ready for the day.


Payton playing tetherball with his buddies. He’s pretty good!!


Dress rehearsal!


Playdate with her buddy Maelyn! How cute are they????


More to come!!!!

Catching up Part 4

I saw Kendall reading the first blog book I printed with her in it, which made me realize how important it is to keep this blog going! I’m being pulled in so many different directions that this tends to fall of the HUGE list but I’m pulling it back up the list, if anything, for Kendy to have stuff to read as she grows older πŸ™‚

So, still catching up to July. Here is what went down in May! LOL

Kendall learns how to ride a bike! We waited until she proved she could show awareness of cars and her surroundings. We had her on training wheels and occasionally a balance bike. We then just saw her taking off and balancing, and in true Ryan fashion, he deemed her ready to ride. She did in like 2.2 seconds and hasn’t had any falls….yet! She loves having the wind at her back!

Writing cards each day of teacher appreciation week for her sweet kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cardarelle.


Kisses from Winnerton.


Gathering lilacs for teacher appreciation week!


And we brought food in for all of the teachers’ special breakfast.


Olives and fun with the neighbor girls!


Kendall is incredibly creative with her pretend play. Here she is on the deck playing house, complete with a menu for dinner, a dishwashing station, and dining room table!

What I got for Mother’s Day! I seriously need to cash in on this! The right is from dad. The left is from Payton. Three coffee brews! πŸ˜›


Kendall and P actually getting along. Payton is reading the book, Kendall is reading the front cover. Payton is ALWAYS reading when he eats.


Field trip with Kendall! We went to Robin Hill farm for a hike. There was a picture of big foot at the trail head so all the kids were searching for Harry and the Hendersons. Kindergarteners rock.


Final soccer game of spring soccer. SUCHΒ a great season! Mellow coaches, fun kids, and Payton really shined. He’ll be playing one more year of U10 soccer before moving up to the big leagues!!



Henna time with Ava!


Our furry dishwasher.


A little about Kendall (per Kendall)


Dad and Winnie always have special time in the morning. Winnie is still Pinkerton!


I picked Payton up from school and this was what his hair was doing. I said, wow Payton that’s some hair. He looked at me like THIS and said, ‘Mom, it’s a hairstyle.’ What do I know???


Fun with umbrellas and sprinklers!

Sleepover with the neighbors!


IMG_0397Forever hopeful.


This is how we roll when I teach Sunday school!


Kendall’s ballet rehearsal.

Phew! That almost catches us up through May! More to come!!!

Catching Up, Part 3

A couple quick soccer videos. Payton is so excited for Sounders camp and fall soccer!

When Winnie was a puppy, we couldn’t take him anywhere because he’d get car sick. He now wants to go with us everywhere. So it became our morning routine to take the kids to school every day. The kids would get out of the car and Winnie would jump in the front seat with me. Best copilot ever!!!


He then goes back to bed until the afternoon. Ah, the dog life.


My 40th birthday continued for a long time. Here’s a homemade cake from miss Ava Bower. It was GOOD!!!


And dinner too!


Harris, Lake, and Payton watching the sun rise on Easter morning.


When are you too old to do an Easter egg hunt? Clearly neither of the think they are. They loved it!


Checking out their loot.


Clearly Winston thought he should get an Easter basket too.


Daddy-daughter snuggles.


Field trip with my boy! Guillermo and Max are two of Payton’s favorites!


Planting trees!


I’m so thankful that both my kids love to read!


Kendall also loves all things art. She is tracing here!


And Payton finally figured out near the end of school that getting your homework done FIRST means more playtime with friends later!


And that completes April. I know, so behind. But getting there!!!


Catching Up, Part 2

Ok, here are more pics from the last few months!!

Spring soccer was amazing. Payton had a great season (several goals!) and loves to practice outside with his bestie, Joey.




That’s Kendall under the blanket. Can’t you tell? She NEVER likes being dragged to games!


Beauty and the Beast with my girl!


Story time with Winston.


I still bake with the kids on the floor. It’s just far easier. Except for Winston….


My Sunday school kids!!!


This is what Kendall does if she gets up early enough to catch me just out of the shower. Thankfully we have a multi-colored rug, because….nail polish!


We always seem to have extra kiddos at our house! I love it though πŸ™‚


Singing with her karaoke machine. She LOVES to sing!

Payton, Austin, and Dillon. Love those boys!


Her version of layering.


More snuggles with Winnerton! It looks like he’s being choked but it’s not. His eyes are just THAT buggy! πŸ˜›


Kendall always has something going on in her room.


Dancing to Moana in her Moana dress.


She made her own kite. Who cares if it didn’t work super well.


Drawing and coloring are her most favorite things!a


Are they starting to look alike? πŸ˜›


More to come!!!

Catching Up

I have some serious catching up to do on this blog!!! Obviously life is a whirlwind for everyone, but this blog means a lot to me so I need to prioritize! I’m currently sitting in Utah watching a movie and decompressing from being around 35,000 people for the past week. Um, it’s like Disney World all over again! Yikes!

Here are just some of the things we’ve all been up to in the past few months!

Dinner outdoors in April! It actually was a weird warm night so why not? That’s Maelyn on the left, Kendall’s sweet friend from kindergarten πŸ™‚

IMG_0002 (1)

Saydey and Hayley, the neighbor girls. I pretty much have 5 kids if you add Joe into the mix. And I’m totally ok with it! We always have fun and Saydey writes me sweet notes like the one below πŸ™‚ Now, if I could get them to clean up their messes a bit better, all would be well!

IMG_0003 (1)


My handsome boy in the tree. I love him so much!


Kendy on a rainy April day. Sweet girl, she’s so creative when she needs to be (which means, NO TV, FIGURE IT OUT!!!) πŸ™‚

IMG_0012 (1)

Ok, I caved after awhile. TV while sitting in a box!

IMG_0033 (1)

Celebrating my birthday again, I guess! According to Kendall, every other day is my birthday or hers πŸ˜›

IMG_0038 (1)

And the best birthday gift ever from my bestie.Β  ROSE OIL!! That bottle has like 2 pounds of rose petals in it. She wrapped it in a huge box, within a box, within a box, within a box…the kids LOVED IT! Seriously though, this girl makes life SO MUCH EASIER!!! We share the load in life and with kids. Everyone needs a Teri in their life!

IMG_0026 (1)


IMG_0030 (1)

IMG_0031 (1)

Quality time with my furry child.

IMG_0059 (1)

A note from Payton’s teacher, Mrs. Lopez. This brings back tons of memories about MY report cards πŸ˜›


And a hilarious story Payton wrote for one of his assignments.

Did you know that Payton really loves to read while he eats? And he especially loves Garfield. Hmmmm, I wonder who this reminds me of?? ahem, PAPA??? πŸ˜›


Even when he has friends over!


That’s enough for now. MUCH MUCH more to catch up on! I’ll continue to plow through πŸ™‚






Disney, Part…ok, let’s finish this already!

I need to finish this all before I forget what we did in April!! Yikes!

Ok, we did Universal Studios and next was Universal, Islands of Adventure AND it was Payton’s 9th birthday! What a super cool way to spend his special day!



After a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, we headed out for LAST day of adventure. And we FINALLY figure out how much easier it was to rentΒ a stroller so Kendall could keep up (although she really did an awesome job the whole time). Look at this: brother pushing his sister around. πŸ˜› (we had to pay EXTRA so Kendy could have a steering wheel!).




First stop was a crazy fun splash ride.


And some rock climbing for the birthday boy!

Some hugs for Dad πŸ™‚


And a pterodactyl ride!

IMG_1407 (1)

We did several other things which I just didn’t take pics of. Our last ride we all got SOAKED!! We went from the ride to a people dryer which is a big room that has super hot fans. Hilarious!


On our way out, we had to get some root beer floats with dippin’ dots!


And back to the pool for one last swim.



Per request, we went BACK to Benihana for Payton’s birthday dinner and our last meal in FL.




Up at 4am, Payton and Ry were on one flight, Kendy and I on another. She loves flying!


And that’s a wrap! The kids still talk about Disneyworld daily which makes the bills we will be paying off for the next year totally worth it πŸ™‚

Disney World Part 6

After Animal Kingdom, we were off to 2 days of Universal Studios! The first park was the original Universal and it did not disappoint!

First, we always had to make sure the kids were tall enough! Sadly, Payton couldn’t go on everything which was devastating for him because he wanted to do on ALL the scariest, craziest rides he could. Quite the dare devil in a little package πŸ™‚ (oh, and did I mention Kendy lost a tooth at the water park??)


IMG_1364Our first stop was the brand-new Jimmy Fallon ride. SO FUN! Totally 4D which means 3-D plus heat, wind, etc. The kids totally loved it and so did we!


After that, we headed over to the We Will Rockit roller coaster (yep, that one behind Ry and P) so the boys could go on it. Kendall was NOT about to consider going on that so instead, we went and shopped.



Next up, the Minions ride!


Even with fast passes, we did a LOT of waiting. The kids did so so good though. No phones, no DS’s, just us and a lot of silly games to pass the time. It was good for all of us!




Hey, there’s Gru from Minions!!

IMG_1382 (1)


Ice cream stop!

ice cream

Seriously, how cool is he? Megatron from Transformers!


Kendall got to meet Sophia from Sophia the first!

And the kids did a little surfing on the way out πŸ™‚

surfs up kendall

surfs up payton

Such a fun day!!!

family universal